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Jeff Young helped my husband and I with a personal injury case. One day we are traveling down a road and two dogs shoot out of their driveway running across the road and one gets hit by a car. The guy who hit the dog runs off. The nice guy my husband is pulls over to see if the dog is ok. My husband walked to the front of our car and that injured dog swirled up and bite his hand. By the next day my husband is in the hospital hooked up to an IV because he had 10 different types of infections. That was just the beginning, he had three surgeries, out of work for over 2 months and almost lost the business he owns. Trying to deal with the insurance companies on your own is a joke.

We knew we needed help and we called Jeff Young. Jeff is an amazing attorney, he instantly got the personal injury case going and dealt with the insurance companies so we could focus on getting better. Jeff always kept us in the loop about what was going on with the case. When I needed to talk to Jeff he would always call me back right away. I was truly amazed how hard Jeff worked for us. Jeff Young will always be my attorney and friend for life.

Joan, a Personal Injury client

Highly Recommended

Jeff gave me great advice and helped me through the legal process after I was hit by a truck on the freeway on my way to work. He was respectful of my wishes and always explained things to me clearly and gave me sound advice. When the defense forced us to go to court, Jeff succeeding in obtaining a jury verdict that the defense was 100% responsible for the accident and he secured a settlement that was considerably more than I had offered to settle for outside of court. He is honest and conscientious and has a great deal of moral integrity. He gave my case a lot of time and attention and was always there when I needed him.


Outstanding Lawyer!

Jeffrey S. Young handled my automobile personal injury case about two years ago. I found Jeff to be personable, respectful and knowledgeable, and I was impressed specifically by his attention to maintaining communication between us at all times. I always felt that Jeff was focused and dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome in my case. I am happy to recommend Jeffrey Young as an outstanding lawyer and a person of high integrity.


Motorcycle Accident

Mr. Young was very thorough and detailed. He always kept me informed and gave excellent advice. I really appreciate his expertise in dealing with my case and most importantly he always kept his word.


I am so glad we found Jeff Young! Meticulous, Persistent, Thorough

We purchased a home next door to a piece of property that had been a gas station about twenty years prior. When the tanks of the gas station were dug up in the 1990s, an ongoing leak was discovered that had contaminated the soil and groundwater under that property. The County had ordered a cleanup of the soil of that property, and when we purchased the home we were told the cleanup had been completed. About a year and half later, my husband came down with encephalitis, while I continued to experience fertility issues. At that time when a new potential buyer of the next door property wanted to purchase the land (that was said to have been cleaned up), the County ordered more testing of the soil and groundwater next door and on our property, to make sure the cleanup had indeed worked. Just the opposite was revealed by the new testing with the contamination having spread to the soil and groundwater under our property. We got in contact with Mr. Young at that point and he directed us perfectly as to the next steps to take. During this initial time working with Mr. Young the County ordered the first indoor air sampling at the property - which showed elevated levels of benzene, toluene, hydrocarbons, and a host of other chemicals. Mr. Young filed a lawsuit on our behalf, against the owner of the former gas station and ExxonMobil, for personal injury and property damage.

Mr. Young was able to make such a situation into as positive an experience as possible for us throughout every stage of our case. The subject matter of our case was rather complicated, and he consistently provided us with detailed updates and answers to our questions in a timely and thorough manner. He continually and meticulously researched every potential angle of our case, exploring all avenues for information, and kept us informed at each turn what he discovered, as well as its potentially different implications. We felt totally confident and comfortable with his ability, interest and motivation to see our case come to a good conclusion. Mr. Young is very personable, good-humored, sensitive and also firm when needed. He served as both attorney and friend at many different times throughout the process.

The case was settled before trial. In final settlement negotiations, Mr. Young advocated for our wishes and his own that he felt were needed to reach satisfactory closure. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for the way Mr. Young handled our case.

a Personal Injury client

Highly recommended Lawyer

Jeffrey Young is a very personable, low-key lawyer. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He is very adept at informing you of the progress of your case, researching details that are needed to achieve a successful outcome and is always willing to answer questions either by phone or by email. Several times he actually brought papers that needed to be signed to my home. Jeffrey was successful in resolving my case for me and went on to find another party who could provide financial reimbursement for the injuries I obtained in an automobile accident. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone.


Exceptional Attorney, Wonderful Human Being

I was involved in an accident three years ago and regretfully retained council out of Los Angeles on a friends’ recommendation. That attorney’s office completely dropped the ball on my case which had significant physical, emotional and property damages on the line as well as certain safety concerns for the citizens of Santa Barbara.

Growing dissatisfied with the service I was receiving, I reached out to my boss for help after receiving threats from this Los Angeles attorney's office. My boss contacted a client of ours who is notable attorney in here in Santa Barbara and he suggested that for Personal Injury help I contact Jeff Young. I wish I had from Day One.

Upon contacting Jeff to review my case, it felt like he dropped everything to help me! He promptly assessed the situation and asked me for a list of specific items to send to him for review. He looked over everything thoroughly upon receipt of the items from me and we were back-and-forth in communication throughout the first weekend after I contacted him (yes, weekend!). Knowing my options were very limited at such a late point in my case, Jeff continued to help make sure I would walk away from my case in a “best possible” scenario, despite having no financial vesting in my case. He really went above and beyond to help me make sure that every decision both the terrible Los Angeles attorneys made and the decisions I was having to make for myself in the end, were really all that could be done.

It was a terrible situation. Just terrible. Jeff helped me remain calm and retain my sanity. He most-thoroughly helped me in every single way that he could – from picking apart my auto insurance policy and giving me what felt like fatherly advice, to explaining to me what recourse I had in terms of complaints and malfeasance. Literally the ONLY reason I feel remotely OK about the way my lawsuit was handled, was because of Jeff. Although it was too late for him to save my case, I know that the result was the best I could expect from what had happened because he thoroughly combed through all of the information and honestly laid out all of my options. Which he had no obligation to do.

It seems there are fewer and fewer people (let alone attorneys) on the planet who are just amazing human beings. I will be forever grateful for Jeff’s help and will emphatically refer people to him for the rest of my life.


Commercial Incident - Tenant eviction

Jeff is a no-nonsense practical decision maker. Pragmatic choices trump emotion. He executed an tenant eviction notice while maintaining open communication and allowing for resolution between parties.

Jan K.

Automobile accident case

Mr. Young was recommended by a friend. I was in an auto accident that resulted in personal injury to myself. I was seen by several doctors and had several medical treatments. I was offered a settlement that I felt was unfair. Mr. Young walked me through the process of requesting medical information and all other paperwork necessary to get my case together. Mr. Young kept me informed at all times and was there to answer all questions I had. He was always just a phone call away. I was able to take care of my health issues related to the accident and not have to worry about the detils of my case as Mr. Young took care of everything. I always felt I was in good hands with Mr Young as my attorney. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case.


"You deserve the best when you've been hurt; your financial future and health care matter!"

Jeff believed in me and my personal injury case from the very beginning. This case was exceptionally hard because it involved a large company, Foster Farms, that wouldn't admit any responsibility or wrongdoing when their driver hit me with a semi-truck then left the scene of the accident. The event left me not only permanently disabled but unable to support myself. I had medical bills, rehabilitation, ongoing medical management, housing issues, loss of career, and loss of present and future income to address. I also had a challenging legal battle. Jeff was there through the whole process with compassion and understanding.

We had to fight a big company with deep pockets and strong lawyers. Jeff uncovered evidence by working diligently, hard, and with amazing follow through. His attention to details was amazing. Even though Foster Farms resisted every step of the way, Jeff continued to move forward; methodically, intelligently, and with an unwavering commitment to justice and fairness.

He kept me informed and involved me in every important decision. He reassuring me when times were rough to make sure that I was not only physically but emotionally taken care of during this trying time. He make sure that my health was taken care of by the best doctors. He also helped to make financial support available while in the trial and appeals process. He manged all the details necessary to get crucial testimony from witnesses, professional experts, and doctors that allowed the jury to rule in my favor in a landmark case.

Although my life will never be the same, I feel that Jeff got the justice I deserved so that my financial future and health care is secure. More importantly, Jeff truly took care of me along the way. You also deserve the best; and that what you get when Jeff is your lawyer.


helping me all the way through my case

Mr.Young was my attorney in an accident that happened at Taco Bell. He dealt with them and my doctors to get me my medical treatment that I needed and settled the case for us with Taco Bell. I found him to be a hard working attorney and ended up helping me all the way through my case and got me a good settlement with Taco Bell that was quite a bit more than they were going to give me to start with. I would use Mr.Young again if I have the need for his help. He was a very informative person an kept me up to date with what was going on all the way through my dealings with Taco Bell.

Walt Frowiss